Ar. Manuel Maximo Lopez del Castillo-Noche

Manuel Maximo Noche y Lopez del Castillo is a practicing licenses architect, heritage advocate, author, and conservation architect. Currently he is the Overall Design Program Chair of the College of Architecture, Senior Lecturer of the Graduate School, and Senior Researcher of the Research Center for Culture, Arts and the Humanities also of the University of Santo Tomas.

With the Research Center for Culture, Arts and the Humanities he has undertaken researches centering on Spanish Colonial Architecture and Engineering. He has presently received seven grants from the Program for Cultural Cooperation, The Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, Kingdom of Spain. Professor Noche has undertaken researches on built heritage as diverse as colonial lighthouses, baptisteries, cemeteries, church retablos, Spanish era bridges, Train Stations and others. He has written numerous books and contributed to various magazines and dailies. He has written amongst others “Lonely Sentinels of the Sea: The Spanish Colonial Lighthouses in the Philippines”, and “Puentes de España en las Filipinas: The Colonial Bridges In the Philippines”.

Architect Noche is a built heritage advocate and has an MS in Architecture majoring in Environmental Design and Engineering from the Bartlett School of Architecture and Planning, University College, London, UK, and a Bachelors in Science degree from the College of Architecture and Fine Arts, The University of Santo Tomas. Presently Architect Noche runs Noche Architects, an Architectural, Planning, Historic Conservation and Interior Design Practice.