MoHOn for Cultural Tourism Development Planning (Tourism Offices)

Providing rich cultural experiences for tourists and locals

Cultural tourism is a fast growing industry in the Philippines, where locals and foreigners are coming from a younger age bracket and are looking for tourist spots that offer authentic cultural and historical experiences. This trend in experiential tourism not only generates revenue for LGUs and provincial governments but also promotes livelihood for the community. Whether it may be through local culinary delights or old structures with a historic past, cultural tourism can be tapped for sustainable economic development. Ultimately, when cultural and historical resources are properly harnessed for tourism, they become local assets that are worth preserving and promoting.

Intuitive and Easy-to-use GIS Features

MoHOn Cultural Mapping Solutions helps LGUs develop their own local circuits that provide rich experiences for tourists and locals alike, through its intuitive and easy-to-use GIS features. Tourism programs such as tours, festivals and events are incorporated into MoHOn resources, allowing them to further strengthen their tourism development plan and seeking for resources such as fiscal funding and partnerships. Users can create their statements of authenticity and integrity of their cultural heritage resources through the app, which aids tourism staff and planning officers in putting together a long-term tourism development plan for their municipalities and provinces.

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Tourism staff, planning officers and programming officials will greatly benefit from MoHOn’s innovative features for tourism development planning. For further information about MoHon Cultural Mapping Solutions, or to request for a demo, send us an email at or call +63279020988