MoHOn for Government Compliance

Helping LGU’s Earn the Seal of Good Local Governance

Local governments (LGUs) are mandated to maintain and update their databases of local cultural inventories for submission to the National Commission for Culture and the Arts. An annual compliance to this requirement will help LGUs earn their Seal of Good Local Governance, which provides additional funding for local projects. However, many local and provincial governments across the Philippines lack capacity in maintaining and updating their local cultural inventories due to several factors, whether it can be skills, manpower, IT infrastructure or budget.

Straight to Prescribed Government Forms

MoHOn (Mobile Heritage Online) was fundamentally designed to help address these issues for local governments and speed up the compliance process. Whether on the provincial, municipal or barangay level, governments will be able to experience how easy it is to update their local cultural inventories using their smartphones and export them into prescribed government forms, saving them time and effort. Our trained cultural mapping facilitators and experts are also equipped to provide professional services to LGUs to help them increase their capacity in identifying, mapping and documenting their local cultural heritage, which is crucial to understanding and promoting local history and institutionalizing local heritage conservation programs.

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Tourism staff, planning officers and programming officials will greatly benefit from MoHOn’s innovative features for tourism development planning. For further information about MoHon Cultural Mapping Solutions, or to request for a demo, send us an email at or call +63279020988