MoHOn for Heritage Conservation (CSOs)

Establishing the significance of cultural properties and preserving them

Heritage conservation is the outcome of a concerted effort by the community to establish the significance of their cultural properties, and applying policies and processes to protect them from threats that can affect its future. Too often, however, heritage conservation happens as an afterthought when damage has been done to cultural properties. A preventive approach to conservation of cultural properties using internationally-accepted principles is key to effective heritage conservation in local communities.

Easy-to-use Cultural Mapping, Records, Analytics, and Reports

MoHOn (Mobile Heritage Online) is an all-in-one solution for ensuring that your cultural properties are protected and conserved. Through its easy-to-use cultural mapping features, records management, reporting and analytics, local governments can harness cultural data in establishing statements of significance, understanding disturbances, threats and vulnerabilities, and forming policies and processes which leads to protection of cultural properties.

MoHOn was designed to help local governments and communities implement heritage conservation initiatives according to local and international standards.

MoHOn has various interfaces that can interact with other data and systems, providing better visibility on other factors that can affect heritage conservation initiatives and improving upon them in the process.

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