MoHOn for Local History Institutionalization

Establishing local history is important to safeguarding the cultural memory and identity of its people and community.

History has been traditionally seen as a linear concept and a domain only reserved for experts, but it has been proven that history has never been linear, and that history is shared among the community, particularly the culture bearers and the younger generation today. Communities and local governments continually create, reinterpret and re-imagine old and new narratives, which need to be recorded and documented for posterity.

A Highly Specialized Sociological Framework

MoHOn (Mobile Heritage Online) was designed using a highly specialized sociological framework for creating narratives out of data gathered from cultural mapping activities for local history writing. In addition to recording surface data from cultural and historical properties and objects, story markers are also being established which helps communities understand local systems, their environmental setting, sectoral dynamics and symbolic lifeways. Using MoHOn for writing such key narratives will lead to deeper awareness, guiding local governments and institutions toward assessment of their key assets and provides valuable recommendations for positive action.

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