MoHOn for Management and Innovation (LGUs)

Secure, Cloud-based Cultural Mapping

As governments are also entering the wave of the digital economy and embracing full digital transformation, they will need better systems and infrastructure to help optimize their government processes and services. A paperless, automated, secure and cloud-based system not only save costs for the LGU, but helps increase productivity and efficiency, and therefore enabling them to better serve their constituents.

Cloud-based, Paperless and Automated Cultural Mapping

MoHOn (Mobile Heritage Online) is the first cultural mapping solution in the Philippines that is truly cloud-based, paperless and automated. Now LGUs can enrich their local cultural heritage with more information without having to waste tons of paper until such time they are required for submission. It’s built-in GIS (geographic information system) enables several departments, particularly zoning and planning offices, to document and assess their cultural properties more effectively through the use of an online-based map. Authorized users and trained facilitators with the right access rights are the only ones who can update and maintain local cultural data. Our servers are hosted on Microsoft Azure, a cloud infrastructure provider certified under ISO 27001 standards for information security.

Secure Private Data

Furthermore, MoHOn is compliant with the Data Privacy Act of 2012 to ensure that all personal information are gathered, stored, processed and disposed of according to government laws. This helps increase government trust among its citizens.

Get in Touch

MoHOn is an innovative platform for both LGUs and grassroots communities who want a more effective way to manage their local cultural heritage. To request for a presentation or demo about MoHOn, email us at or call +63279020988