Outcome-based monitoring and evaluation of cultural tourism programs

Local tourism development programs often fail because of proper monitoring and evaluation. When these programs do not work, local resources and funds are often wasted and returns are only minimal. How can LGUs ensure that cultural tourism programs, projects and activities are properly monitored and evaluated for their effectivity and their desired outcomes?

Analytics and Reports for Local Tourism Programs

Using MoHOn’s analytics and reporting capabilities, all mapped cultural and historical resources are mapped and tracked for optimal utilization and income generation. MoHOn provides added visibility for planning and programming officials in terms of tourist arrivals and local accommodation, giving them insightful data about programs and activities, which in turn can help them optimize and maximize the use of their local cultural assets. In addition, MoHOn also helps ensure that local tourism programs become sustainable in the long term, through interfaces with IoT (Internet of Things) devices that tracks natural and man-made variables which may affect the integrity of historic monuments and sites, and social media analytics that can track spending trends and sentiments of tourists.

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