The historic town of Morong in the Province of Rizal is a place so rich in history and heritage. Morong is the forerunner of local education in the province, the culture bearer of various folk tradition and artistry, and is also is known as the birthplace of Tomás Claudio, the first Filipino soldier who have died in the midst of an international conflict, during the battle between the Americans and the Germans during World War I. Much of its local history and heritage have been beautifully captured by the Museong Pambayan ng Morong for locals and tourists to enjoy and revel.

As part of our month-long celebrations for Museums and Galleries Month this October 2020, Pamana Talks has invited Mr. Mario Sto. Domingo, President of LIKAS Morong (a cultural NGO), to guide us on an exciting and engaging virtual tour of Museong Pambayan ng Morong. This webinar on Friday, October 9, 8pm-9:30pm is hosted by Grupo Kalinangan and shall be streamed on Facebook Live and on our official Youtube channel. Register below to secure your slot now!