The heritage town of Gumaca in the Province of Quezon is in the crossroads, literally and figuratively. Going south from Manila, Gumaca is the town that forks into the Bicol region and the Bondoc Peninsula. Nestled at the foot of the Sierra Madre range of Luzon, the town boats of many ancestral houses and old structures that are abound in the area, including a well-known Spanish-era fortress and a cathedral. From its beginnings as a town formerly named as Bumaka (meaning “the one who fought”), Gumaca is now on the crossroads of both progress as a municipality and in conserving its status as a historic district. The Museo ng Gumaca was established by the Local Government of the Municipality of Gumaca, as the premiere cultural center of the town that showcases its local history, cultural heritage and the arts.

As part of our month-long celebrations for Museums and Galleries Month this October 2020, Pamana Talks has invited Mr. Albert Vincent Fontanares Barretto, Curator of Museo ng Gumaca, to give us a brief history of the heritage town of Gumaca, as well as to guide us on an exciting and engaging virtual tour of Museo ng Gumaca and its collections. This webinar on Friday, October 16, 8pm-9:30pm is hosted by Grupo Kalinangan and shall be streamed on Facebook Live and on our official Youtube channel.

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